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• Weight: 1.2lbs
• Dimensions: 52cm x 5cm x 5cm
• White CRI: 96-97.5
• White Temperature: 2800k to 5500k
• Color depth: 16-bit (Millions of Colors)
• Brightness: 1400lx @ 1 meter
• LED total power: 18 watts
• LED refresh rate: 16khz
• Wall power: 15v 3a DC (included)
• Battery: 7.4v 3200ma embedded li-ion
• Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)

Color Spike


  • With 96+ CRI and adjustable color temperature, Colorspike boasts clean bright white light at an impressive 1400lux/m.


    Colorspike’s high power rgb leds and 16-bit color processing produce millions of colors with full Hue, Saturation and Brightness control.


    Colorspike’s intuitive app (iOS & Android) unlocks a wide range of functionality, all for free and with no extra hardware.


    Powered via the internal battery or included AC adapter, colorspike is the ace up your sleeve on set, in the studio or on the run.


    Colorspike’s powerful pattern creation system means you can dial in the exact look you need and save it to your library of custom effects.


    From simple 3-point setups to complex interacting effects, manage and control multiple colorspikes with ease.

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